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Overseas Patients - Information

Medical Tourism

Many patients from all over the world are coming to our center regularly for knee replacement and Hip resurfacing surgeries. This is because of our excellent treatment and care given to overseas patients. Patients from USA, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, Germany, Fiji island, Russia, Thailand, Sweden, Nigeria and Dubai have come to our center and had successful joint surgeries.

Information For Overseas Patients

We have a dedicated team to lookafter foreign patients. The international coordinator arranges everything for the patient ie. Airport pickup, domestic flight bookings, accommodation etc. We will also make arrangements for transfer to and reservations at a hotel or resort where patients will recuperate until departure.

Overseas patients are housed in a deluxe twin room with an extra bed for a family member or friend, private bathroom, air conditioning, safe drinking water, a refrigerator, microwave oven, tv and computer with 24-hour internet access. A dedicated English spoken nurse will look after the patient all the time.

Dr.Bala with Foreign Patients

Indian Visa

You need to apply for tourist visa for 6 months. Apply at local Indian Consulate General. Call to see how long it will take; We provide a letter saying that you are coming to India for surgery to get visa. This makes easier to get visa.

No need to get inoculations.

Bilateral Knee Replacment Possible

We perform bilateral knee replacement on patients with severe osteoarthritis in both knees. This is a great advantage to overseas patients, as it eliminates the need to make a second long journey. The cost of knee replacement is approximately twice the cost of a single knee replacement. The patient is given ample time (typically one week) between operations.

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