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Surgical Experience

Dr. Bala subramanian, has a special interest in Knee Replacement and Hip Resurfacing and Hip Replacement. He had extensive training in this field while working in united kingdom hospitals especially in the world renowned centers like Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopedic Hospital, oswestry, Hartshill orthopaedic center, and Royal Orthopedic hospital, Birmingham. After returning to India he introduced hip resurfacing surgery in this part of India. He is a world renowned joint replacement surgeon and hundreds of overseas patients have come to his center for Knee replacement and Hip Resurfacing. He has done demonstrating surgeries to educate other surgeons in many other centers including Kuala Lumpur. He has given plenty of guest lectures on Knee replacement and hip resurfacing.

He has done more than 2000 knee replacement and 1000 hip surgeries

Surgical Experience

So far Recently he has been awarded BEST PAPER GOLD MEDAL PRIZE for his research paper on RELEVANCE OF GENDER KNEE REPLACEMENT at Annual congress of Indian Society of Hip and Knee surgeons.

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